Alpha v1.0.1


Han Xu, Alex Polyakov and John Mark Adriano


Waking up, you see yourself greeted by a knock at the door. A man asking you to change.

theLastOne is a game where you choose where the character ends up with, does he change for the better of society or does he remain as himself.


WASD or Up/Down/Left/Right arrow keys - to move around when permitted.

Enter/Return - to interact/ Speed up Text/ or Go to the next text

Credits to:

  • Narrate by Glassed Studio
  • Simple Scene Fader by Bhavin Panara
  • Farland Skies by Borodar
  • Electric Sound Effects Library by Little Robot Sound Factory
  • 2d Flat Explosion by Red Shark
  • Somewhere in Russia by Carbon Based Lifeform

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